Gyneacology and Obstetrics
Gyneacology and Obstetrics: For Pregnancy & Reproductive Health
Ensure that there are no abnormalities in the pelvic region via our reliable scan.
Liver Ultrasound
Liver Ultrasound: In Cases of Hepatic Complications

Our front-line diagnostic tool, Edan U60, can detect liver problems quickly.
Kidney and Bladder Ultrasound
Kidney and Bladder Ultrasound: In Case of Kidney and Bladder Complications
Our purposeful ultrasound scan can assess the internal tissues of kidneys and bladder.
Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound: Detection of Breast Lumps and Cancers
Prevent or treat yourself by getting clearer idea of anatomical structures of your breast tissues.
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  • Thyroid
  • Spleen/Gall Bladder
  • Liver
  • Breast
  • Kidney
Gynecology and Obstetrics Ultrasound
Gynecology and Obstetrics Ultrasound

Dealing specifically with pregnant women, their babies, along with their reproductive health, at Hemani Ultrasound, anatomical structures of pelvic, placental, and fetal organs are assessed. Using new waves in ultrasound technology via Edan U60, an obstetric scan can detect abnormalities, fetal weight, placental maturity, along with the amount fluid in the placental sac.

After following preparatory guidelines for the ultrasound, our trained and expert sonologists onboard will be there to operate the machine, Edan U60, and to provide you with the best results at prompt.

Pancreas Ultrasound
Pancreas Ultrasound

Thanks to the advances in pancreatic imaging, early detection of pancreatic diseases can be made. Since it is crucial to recognize the importance of our pancreatic health, at Hemani Ultrasound, we perform an anomaly scan by using our purpose-driven ultrasound machine, Edan U60. Considering the technical revolution within the domain of medical screening in the new millennium, we aim to use advanced scanning protocols.

You’ll be entitled to receive the written reports quickly, followed by professional advice as well.

Thyroid Ultrasound
Thyroid Ultrasound

Lying just beneath your Adam’s apple, is your thyroid – having the most radiation-sensitive tissues in the body. At Hemani Ultrasound, we use safe and reliable technology of Edan U60 to perform an anomaly scan and an ultrasound (if required). The machine deploys sound waves to detect the anomaly by capturing images of the internal tissues that are visible on the screen.

It is better to detect, diagnose and treat thyroid problems earlier, before they progress and aggravate into something serious.

Spleen/Gall Bladder Ultrasound
Spleen/Gall Bladder Ultrasound

Our digestive system is the core of our being, and if that is disrupted, it can cause great deal of inconvenience for us. Therefore, at Hemani Ultrasound, we perform an anomaly scan of spleen to assess the anatomical structures of the spleen, as well as the gall bladder. Such a scan can be diagnostic, or a follow-up scan. Using high quality ultrasound machines, the ultrasound waves of high frequency can help in attaining accurate view of the inside of the spleen.

Our state of the art, Edan U60, can be useful in detecting issues early on, and to remove ambiguities regarding spleen and gall bladder abnormalities.

Liver Ultrasound
Liver Ultrasound

Liver abnormalities are difficult to detect, especially in the early stages. The silent organ may not reveal symptoms and they often go unnoticed. Using the powerful technology of Edan 360 ultrasound machine, at Hemani Ultrasound, we assess the anatomical structures of the liver, as well as its peripheries. Fortunately, at our lab, these can be diagnostic too.

The ultrasound procedure involves certain protocols to be followed by the patient which are hassle-free and pain-free.

Breast Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound

Increased awareness about abnormalities in the breast, has resulted in soaring advancements in medical technology to detect them as well. At Hemani Ultrasound, we perform an anomaly scan of the breast, chest X-ray, as well as mammogram. The ultrasound scan also assesses the anatomical structures of the breast tissues, along with mammary glands and lymph nodes to detect the issues precisely.

Our expert sonologists can help you in understanding the crux of your issue, which can then be treated later, as advised.

Kidney Ultrasound
Kidneys and Bladder Ultrasound

Considering how important the functionalities of kidneys and bladder are, we, at Hemani Ultrasound, aim to provide our patients with utmost efficient facilities including high quality Edan U60 ultrasound machine. The machine deploys sound waves to detect the anomaly by capturing images of the internal tissues which are visible on the screen.

In any case of kidneys or bladder issues, an anomaly scan is performed, after which an ultrasound may be recommended as per the results.

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With a purposeful team of medical experts, Hemani Ultrasound aims to be the one-stop assessment and diagnostic solution for patients dealing with an array of issues in the domain of gynecology, hepatology, gastroenterology, and others.
We are driven with a vision to promote versatility and effective ways to assess medical conditions. One of these ways include our exquisite Edan U60 ultrasound machine. We pride ourselves in our core value, which is, patient centricity.