Spleen / Gall Bladder Ultrasound

What is Spleen / Gall Bladder Ultrasound?

  • Anomaly scan of spleen can be done by using ultrasound machine such as Edan U60.
  • The ultrasound scan assesses the anatomical structures of spleen or gall bladder and their peripheries.
  • This can be a diagnostic, as well as a follow up scan.
  • It uses ultrasound waves of extremely high frequency to gain imaging of any developing anomaly inside the spleen.
  • The ultrasound is done via Edan U60 which is an ultrasound machine that employs sound waves to detect the anomaly by capturing pictures of the internal tissues on the screen.
  • Edan U60 is based on the advanced and latest technological scanning protocols.

When you should do the scan?

  • In the case of spleen or gall bladder anomaly, usually a stone or any cyst may occur.
  • The purpose of the scan is to check if any abnormality exists in any part of the spleen.
  • Therefore, on any such suspicion, ultrasound is recommended.
  • The reason for conducting an ultrasound might also be routine check-up, follow up of previous scan, blood reports, etc.
  • Edan U60 has made the ultrasound procedure patient-compliant by providing the patient an easily accessible and pain-free ultrasound technique.
  • It also scans any kind of anomaly existing in the organs with greater compliance than any other conventional ultrasound machine.


Preparations before the test:

  • Before conducting an ultrasound scan of spleen/gall bladder, the sonologist analyzes the suspected areas.
  • The patient is recommended to eat a fat-free meal in the evening before the test. Also, the patient is advised not to eat for 8-12 hours before the test.
  • The sonologist then evaluates the suspected areas through the ultrasound apparatus.
  • The patient is also sometimes advised to come for a follow up ultrasound.
  • Edan U60 is quite user-friendly and does not require complicated efforts to operate the machine.
  • The sonologist can easily operate the machine in compliance with the instructions that comes in the manual with the Edan U60 apparatus.


How long would it take for results?

  • During the scan, the technician observes the images of an ultrasound on the screen.
  • However, after the scan is done, a physician makes a report considering the results that the ultrasound scan demonstrates.
  • After the provider finalizes the report, it is handed over to the patient immediately.
  • Edan U60 is known for its rapid and quick service, unlike the conventional ultrasound machines.
  • Edan U60 displays the outcomes of the scan, along with a written report with in no time.
  • With Edan U60, the patient does not have to wait for longer hours or days to receive the results.


What to do after the tests?

  • After the test, the patient is advised to visit the consultant, specifically urologist, if any anomaly occurs.
  • In case of any existing or suspicious anomaly, a follow-up test is also recommended by the consultant.
  • Edan U60 is an effective ultrasound apparatus for evaluating and scanning the results at any time due to its compact size and quick services.



  • The cost of Spleen / Gall Bladder ultrasound test with Edan U60 is worth 1000 PKR only.
  • Considering the accurate and precise results that Edan U60 gives in no time, the ultrasound scans via this machine are considered affordable, reliable, and are trusted by all the medical practitioners in renowned hospitals of Pakistan.