About Us
About Us

Hemani Ultrasound is a newly established and well-built radiology center headed by highly professional and experienced Doctors (MBBS Qualified) and Sonologists.

Provision of the best ultrasonic facilities by these healthcare professionals contributes immensely to the healthcare sector with its early diagnosis, detection and prevention of medical complications.

Founded in 2021, Hemani Ultrasound has embarked its journey as a private medical clinic, aiming to cater the healthcare needs and requirements of patients with instable financial conditions.


  • Demarginalizing and increasing accessibility of the medical and healthcare facilities to the wider nation, emphasizing on its reach to the lower class.


  • Proceeding ahead with a result-driven approach, we plan on integrating the healthcare system into a more affordable one, encouraging equity.
  • Reduction in the health disparities among the low-income individuals via early diagnosis and provision of premium healthcare solutions through better access of imaging services like ultrasounds.
  • Eradication of the biasness in the behaviors of healthcare organizations towards the patients with insufficient monetary funds.


Acquisition of better health outcomes for people of minorities is subject to initiatives like Hemani Ultrasound.

Thus, improving patient affordability is the core foundation for the development of Hemani Ultrasound clinic. Incorporating the fundamental approach of modern healthcare, diagnostic imaging can serve as an essential component in the evaluation of the current condition of the patient as well as its progression, favoring the wellbeing of the patient. Ultrasounds, being a cost effective yet powerful modality for imaging, have provided a platform for underprivileged patients to engage directly with healthcare professionals. Regardless of the current balance of the patients, Hemani Ultrasound focuses primarily on best medical service provision for patients, including color doppler ultrasound for: Thyroid, Breast, Pancreas, Kidney, Obstetrics, to ensure their wellbeing.